Mission e vision


The society in which we live grows and legitimately aspire to a more comfortable life promised by the great scientific and technolgy advances. Support for the social and technological development, however, this aspiration require increasingly large amounts of energy and, at present, 80% of the energy is produced from burning elements in nature (natural gas, coal, oil). Fossil fuels are consumed at a rate that is 100,000 times greater than that with which they were formed; their combustion also causes important effects on the environment such as NOx input, SO2, CO, CO2, H2O, and particulate matter (TSP) - a carcinogen.

The consequences are obvious and in some cases are disastrous: the future people will live in a polluted environment, with less and less abundant sources of food

And the need for energy will continue to grow ...

Dismissing nuclear energy, the risks of which are well known to all, it is necessary to study and  increasingly massive use of new renewable source of energy (biomass, wind, sun, tides, etc ...).
But all this will not be enough.

 Beside a constant search for energy sources, it becomes imperative to) reduce the demand for energy and at the same time going to optimize its use b) supporting low impact  solutions. We must reduce the effects caused by events, actions or behavior on the environment and natural man-made in order to reduce the demand for energy and the least possible harm to the environment.

E-Wenco was created to propose new solutions with low environmental impact and aimed at the preservation and improvement of well-being that man has reached.

The branches of activity E-Wenco are:


The E-Wenco's products are a unique alternative that aims to:

  • Replace current solutions that seriously harm the environment
  • Encourage the reduction of use of electricity


  • E-Wenco offers extremely versatile solutions with low environmental impact, applicable in various fields