E-PAPER is the first amazing heating element made of paper that reaches 60-70°C and offers superior performances, endless possibilities of customization and applications

We are used to see common metal heating radiators in all kind of shapes and colours, placed in our home or public rooms. They heat the environment in two ways: transducing electrical energy in thermal energy using electric resistances or transferring thermal energy from hot water that circulates into the heating element. In both of cases the heating element has great limits, first of all the choice of materials: they have to resist to high contact temperatures and/or circulating water. You could never make one using paper, cloths, woods,…

But now the rules have changed.

The name is E-Paper and it’s a new heating concept idea of E-Wenco srl, an Italian start up, that proposes the re-thinking of traditional heating element using paper and natural components. This concept is based on The creation of this concept required a technology that allows flexibility, thinness, weightless and perfect control.

The tech is E-llum Technology, an international E-Wenco patented technology.

"We were sitting in the meeting room for a creative brainstorming session on environmental warming. Amos, our electronical engineer, had in his hand a cardboard tube with which he was playing; Fabio, our vegan commercial colleague, entered in our room with a roll of sandwich wrapped in a food paper recalling a newspaper. We didn’t need words. Just after 5 days E-Papar was born, the first Heating Element - Vegan like.”

Vegan like? What means?

It means having the ability to realize the first 100% sustainable heating element who is able to respect the nature that surrounds us without compromise. No synthetic material was used in its manufacture, only mineral or vegetable products available in nature or directly derived from it, such as cellulose pulp, rice, copper and aluminum. With these premises, our concept is the first to be totally customizable and at the same time 100% recyclable, totally ecological, respectful of the environment we live in, highly efficient and capable of responding perfectly to the energy problems of modern society. E-Paper, in keeping with its nature, can also be made with any kind of material, even pure gold!


E-PAPER is extremely

EXTRA-LIGHT-just 300 gr for 34 mm of heat

EFFICIENCY-over than 90%

INNOVATIVE-an heating element made of paper


VEGAN-LIKE AND CUSTOMIZABLE- totally customizable and at the same time 100% recyclable, totally ecological, respectful of the environment we live in