NoteCook is the first amazing notebook-sized smart cooking and heating device, based on a revolutionary technology, a disruptive technology. This technnology allows us to create a new cooking style concept focused on healthy cuisine also to share with your friends (indoor/outdoor) and on green thinking.

NoteCook is extremely

THIN -the 2 cooking plate is only almost 1 inch thick/each


READY TO USE the heating system is immediately hot

These features have never seen all in an unique product, we got it thanks to a new technology that we’ve studied in several years of research. Thanks to our innovative and disruptive technology, you can decide and monitoring the right cooking plate temperature and develop a new concept of cooking system where the heat released by NoteCook reaches the heart of the food more than any other cooking method on the market today. NoteCook is high performing system: more than 92% efficiency of transduction of electrical energy in thermal energy!

The new concept device is low power consumption and doesn’t use duty cycle: (the transduction system is direct and doesn’t need to work using high powers as 1.000-2.000 watt as, e.g., the thermal resistances. No electrosmog and electrical hazard, green and really environmentally friendly. The fine design and the thin heating core allow to create a revolutionary and extremely thin cooking plates that you can place it in the library or wherever you want You can carry NoteCook in a backpack and cook outdoors exactly like indoor. At dinner with friends you can place NoteCook directly on the dinner table and have them choose directly what to cook and to what level or you can watching the final of your favorite sport preparing delicious hot dogs and grilling hamburgers without taking your eyes off the match. You can use NoteCook while camping, in a motorhome, on boat, at breakfast for cooking pancakes or to quickly toast some bread. It can also be used in the office for a quick business lunch with your colleagues...

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