NoteCook is the first amazing notebook-sized smart cooking and heating device based on a disruptive tech

We need your support to bring to the market the first product utilizing this new technology, a technology designed for a new eco friendly energy model (highest efficiency, low environmental impact, ...) and following its own laws of physics.


We created the first prototype of the heating core (as shown in the above video), and we are proceeding with the implementation of the technical and industrial design of the external structure. The electrical part is almost completed: we have established the control parameters and the size of the panel for the temperature monitoring. We still have to design the electrical boards (we are in talks with a supplier company). By the end of December we'll have the final prototype for the last test and we will send it to the product certification practices. As we proceed, we test and retest everything. We got great results which confirm that all the choices wemade are correct.
Now it comes to assemble it all!