Some product ideas

Starting with the study of a new technology and bringing two of them to market in just six years is an adventure full of surprises. 

Each year we have enriched our product and process proposition, consolidating our know-how and offering customers a complete package of theory, practical solutions and innovation management

Many people asked us about our “modus operandi”, and so we took the opportunity to create a very short collection of articles illustrating our approach to project innovation.


Non-ferromagnetic induction welding system.

Ideal for:

  • polymers
  • technopolymers
  • composite material

The product in this configuration replaces a traditional 2-kg soldering iron with 300 g heating mass: heating up in seconds, low power installed, coolign down in a few minutes.

Non-ferromagnetic induction metal 3D-printed heat exchanger.

Ideal for:

  • liquid
  • gases
  • emulsions

Used for

  1. RUBBER (heating plate)
  2. EXTRUSION POLYMERS (extruder heating)
  3. FOOD (heating fluids)

Non-ferromagnetic induction welding system.

Ideal for:

  • polymers
  • technopolymers
  • composite materials

Available in 3 versions:

  1. RING (circular)
  2. PAD (planar)
  3. TWIST (linear, in the photo).

Heating system for press plates and moulds.

Fast heating up and more than 50% reduction in peak energy input..

Designed for fast and safe innovative retrofitting.

Excellent in case of equipment revamping.

Makes it possible to keep the company’s equipment fleet unchanged and to upgrade systems by introducing high-performance technology to replace electric resistors and steam.

Non-ferromagnetic induction plate.

Available in different shapes and forms.

Excellent for heated surfaces or complex hobs with a high level of control.

Value solution that can be integrated with iOT systems.

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