After years and years of both basic and applied research, we have been able to apply a still little-known physical principle and create a system of rules to make any metallic, non-ferromagnetic material suitable for heating by electromagnetic induction with efficiencies of over 90%.

We call this great achievement the COMPATIBILITY PACK and it contains the 3 major physical, chemical and mechanical rules, which constitute E-Wenco’s exclusive know-how.

PHYSIC RULE: E-Wenco acts on the mass by adopting specific correctives that increase transduction efficiency.

CHEMISTRY RULE: E-Wenco selects the alloy composition to increase transduction efficiency

MECHANIC RULE: E-Wenco adatta l’intero sistema (elettronica, induttore ed indotto) alle esigenze dell’applicazione, andando a definire i parametri che porteranno all’efficienza desiderata.

The exclusivity of our proposal

  • careful study of shapes and dimensions, are the result of years of research and experimentation in the field
  • discovery of an absolutely exclusive principle, which is an integral part of E-Wenco’s secret know-how and which guides every E-llum technology application project.

In every project proposal, we differentiate ourselves through a dedicated study of shapes, dimensions and the internal structure of the thermal mass, with the aim of combining the first choice materials of a specific process with the limitations and constraints expected by the customer.


e-llum technology advantages
  • Direct heat generation over large surfaces as an alternative to classic conduction from the generator to the heat exchanger
  • Very high heating speed
  • Controllable and stable performance
  • Greater homogeneity (or greater concentration, at the customer’s discretion) of the thermal temperature footprint on the heating/exchanger mass 
  • Possibility of “tracking” heat demand by operating at any temperature between ambient and maximum design temperature while maintaining system efficiency
  • Fewer limitations in the choice of heat generator shapes and maximum and minimum dimensions
  • Wireless
  • Safety
  • Easy realisation of modular solutions
  • Resistant to oxidation
  • Thin and flexible
  • Very high heat exchange capacity due to the use of suitable materials (aluminium and/or copper) directly in the generator/heat exchanger function


  • Electromagnetic induction technology compared to an electric resistor requires an electronic board, the cost of which may be higher than the cost of an electric resistor.
  • It is a technology that emits electromagnetic waves, and although the emission to the outside world may be lower than that of an ordinary electronic device, the electromagnetic component must be mentioned in the risks when using the device;
  • It requires EMC (electro-magnetic compatibility) certification.

Key concept

  •  E-llum Technology is patented by E-Wenco and is based on the principles of electromagnetic induction applied to non-ferromagnetic metals such as aluminium, titanium, copper, etc., integrated with 3 innovative basic rules (chemistry, physics and mechanics), which represent E-Wenco’s exclusive know-how 
  •  The advantages of E-llum technology are: speed of response, heat generation over large surfaces, controllability, greater homogeneity, possibility of tracking heat demand, fewer limitations in the choice of heat generator shapes, modularity, high heat exchange.
  • The disadvantages of electromagnetic induction are the cost of the electronic control unit, emission of electromagnetic waves and the requirement for EMC certification.