E-llum® is a functionalized aluminum alloy branded by E-Wenco that have high quality technical specification and aloows to obtain incredible resultst 

The patented technology E-llum® provides a new system for the generation and management of the  high-efficiency heating system and is applicable in various sectors and solutions.



Innovative Technology

E-llum® is a functionalized film that is able to generate and develop heat in an innovative way through a system comparable to the induction system.


Best Efficiency Low Cost

E-llum® is an alternative to generate heat, with an incredible advantages in terms of efficiency and cost due to an innovative phisical and chemical reaction of materials.


Universal and Modular System

E-llum® is a real world wide technology, with an incredible number of possible applications, in different and various sectors..


Low LCA impact

E-llum® becomes a real alternative technology, starting from raw and  100% recyclable materials.